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Benz Patent Motor Vehicle 1886


Lutzmann Vis-a-Vis 1896

Classic model car (18 karat gold & karat diamonds)

We made the classic car that had an interest from the old days when function beauty is able to stand together with decoration beauty in accordance with our faith. and we made it as the compilation of chasing processing technology.

Lutzmann Vis-a-Vis made first finished manufacture only with a prototype because it was difficult to manufacture the top of the car.

Next, it was Benz Patent Motor Vehicle that was made. data were collected in the museum, and it was made because the actual car of benz was in the museum though there was no actual car of lutzmann Vis-a-Vis. I think. All the places which you imagine can work.

All the decoration such as a diamond can be ordered. Make contact in the E-mail if you are interested.

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